Our Values


We own our projects: it is our responsibility to design and deliver according to our clients’ objectives; to put in place the right steps and the right team for a successful outcome. We treat every project as if the outcome was directly influencing our own business. If a problem occurs, we focus on finding the best solution for all (and we learn from it).


We leave no stone unturned. When we approach a project, we find out about the context, we ask questions, we look for compelling insights that help businesses thrive.


We don’t assume that everyone sees things from the same perspective. We welcome suggestions and debate, as this can only make our work better.


We communicate proactively with our clients and commercial partners. We give progress updates, provide clear guidelines and action requirementsin a timely manner. We are open if something unexpected happens. We make sure consumers who take part in our projects fully understand what they are committing to.


We are not satisfied with “good enough”. We have high standards across every aspect of our work. We check everything – survey routing, data charts, spellings, translations.  We also adhere to all standards and requirements of the MRS Code of Conduct


We involve our clients and team members throughout. If a finding seems surprising, we raise this well before the debrief; if the client has other information relevant to the project, we discuss whether we should bring that into our work. We make sure that the analysis delivers a whole story, giving our clients and their stakeholders confidence in the findings.


We care about our clients, colleagues and research participants as people. We understand that they have busy days, that they might feel under pressure, that they might have spent several hours in back to back meetings. We want to make things easy for the people we work with, and we want them to feel that communicating with us is a positive experience.


We treat people with fairness. We do not ask our team members or suppliers to work unreasonable hours or set unrealistic deadlines. We pay suppliers on time, and we incentivise research participants fairly for the inputs they give us.